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Laso & Asociados - Urban Planning Agreements

Urban Planning Agreements

From Laso & Asociados, barring the limits of autonomous community urban planning regulations, those of public interest and those of the legal system, we assist our clients in drawing up and signing urban management or planning agreements, when these were legally admitted, as a representation of a concurrence of wills.

We collaborate and take an active part in the drafting, in accordance with the applicable legal regime, of these special administrative contracts, depending on whether or not their realization is recognized by law, that is, in their twofold category of typical agreements and agreements which give rise to legal-civil effects insofar as they are subject to registration in the Land Registry.

In particular:

  • Urban Planning Agreements: Those which aimed, while they were subject to application, to alter or modify the planning in exchange for acceptance of either changes to certain urban planning features, or changes to execution forms and time periods in urban planning action, or assignments of land which, in principle, they would not be required to make. 
  • Urban Planning Management Agreements: Those which, as pointed out by the Madrid urban planning laws, "in no way affecting urban planning, are limited to determining the terms and conditions of the management and execution of the planning and all other instruments existing at the time they are entered into. Compliance with these agreements may under no circumstances result in any modification, alteration, exception or waiver of the planning."

In general, the following matters are characteristic of urban planning agreements:

  • Land assignment for urban development or building construction.
  • Coordination of administrative interventions and procedures affecting uses, activities and projects for land transformation.
  • Coordinated management procedures for regulating the processing of proceedings and resolutions.
  • Adequate management of infrastructures, services and equipment of local interest or supra-municipal scope.
  • Planning management and execution.
  • Improvement of urban planning activity management.
  • Etc.

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