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Laso & Asociados - Registry and Real Estate Law

Registry and Real Estate Law

Planning and advisory services to attain registration in the Land Registry of all types of documents, acts and legal business transactions.

Laso & Asociados has always followed a hypothecary tradition, as evidenced by the professional qualification of its founder as a Land Registrar, its intervention in the process of drawing up several regulations, such as Royal Decree 1093/1997, the publication by Firm members in 2013 of the book "Urban Planning from the Land Registry Perspective”, or the periodical publication of law articles on Urban Planning and the Land Registry in several journals, for instance, in the Real Estate Critical Review, which contains a section reserved for said matter under the direction of Laso y Asociados. All of these circumstances, in conjunction with the propensity of the various urban development acts to end up in the Registry entries, are the reason that our Firm is chosen time and again to deal in a trustworthy manner with urban planning matters from a registry perspective.

  • Land legal regime, real estate complexes, etc.
  • Ownership proceedings (for registration of properties, excess square meters, or resumption of interrupted chain of succession).
  • Double registration of property.
  • Cancellation and rectification of registry entries.
  • Problems with property boundaries, cadastre and Land Registry recording.
  • Proceedings for removal of liens and encumbrances.
  • Claims and pleas in property matters.
  • Action for entry correction.
  • Appeals against registry evaluations.
  • Enforcement of urban development property encumbrance resulting from proceedings for equal distribution of payment of urban development expenses.
  • Caveats (regarding lawsuits, filing of contentious-administrative appeal, etc.
  • And, in general, verification of compliance with the requisites called for in order to register in the Registry all types of documents, acts and legal business transactions having urban planning implications.

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