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Laso & Asociados - Pecuniary Liability of the Administration and Expropriation

Pecuniary Liability of the Administration and Expropriation

Intervention in all matters concerning the pecuniary liability of the Administration and expropriation.

  • The field of application of the liability of the administration in urban development action gives rise to numerous situations ranging from liability owing to planning changes, property entailment owing to de facto occupation or interrupted modes of management, indemnities from management acts, undue granting of license, even in cases of conversion of firm judicial resolutions not subject to material enforcement, unlicensed abusive activities, etc.
  • In turn, as a figure closely related but not identical to liability, Laso & Asociados has historically dealt with, and continues to do so, all hypotheses in relation to urban development and ordinary expropriations, declarations of urgent expropriation, establishment of valuations, re-valuations, reversals, and injunctions in order to avoid the risk of disposal to third parties in accordance with the various modalities set out in state laws and urban development regulations, contrasting the different treatments in relation to de facto occupations or the registration of property by unilateral act.

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