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Laso & Asociados - Court and Administrative Proceedings

Court and Administrative Proceedings

Apart from administrative proceedings, the Firm completes its intervention when the related matters are submitted to the decision of the Courts.

  • Contentious-administrative appeals in matters concerning planning, urban development management, licenses and urban development discipline.
  • Contentious-administrative appeals in matters concerning the Expropriation System, valuation and appraisal of property subject to expropriation, Reversals and Pecuniary Liability of the Administration, both in Court as well as firstly through Administrative channels.
  • Contentious-administrative appeals in matters concerning public property, administrative contracting, concessions and other administrative rights in rem.
  • Contentious-administrative appeals in fiscal matters, such as taxes, rates and other public revenues related to real property and urban development promotion.
  • Sanctioning proceedings (infringements and sanctions)
  • Expropriation (Rehousing, Return, Compensation, etc.)
  • Protection of urban development legality: unlicensed works, license suspension and review, green zones, public service facilities, installations.
  • Infringements and Sanctions: as we are aware, the sanctioning procedure is in addition to and different from that of restoration: where the former aims to sanction conduct deemed to be illegal, the latter seeks restoration to the former condition. However, we must also deal with other types of infringements, such as breach of the obligations to execute urban development and building construction within the stipulated time period. Drafting and processing of urban planning agreements.
  • Unregulated building constructions.
  • Popular action, brought by a person in those cases indicated by law.
  • Neighbourhood action, against the passivity of the municipal Administration.
  • Appeals against failure of the Administration to act.
  • Actions against the Administration for administrative acts which harm the environment (urban development licenses, inadequate land evaluations, inappropriate waste management, authorization of harmful activities, etc.)
  • Sanctioning proceedings in environmental matters.

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