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Laso & Asociados - Consultancy


Laso & Asociados has historically carried out a fundamental task of collaboration in the drafting of regulatory texts, Opinions, Reports, Urban Planning Audits, etc. Moreover, we accompany Owners’ Associations, Management Committees, Owners’ Management Boards, Conservation Entities, etc., in their functions in order to assist them in making the best decisions.

  • Collaboration in the drafting of regulatory texts.
  • Drafting of Legal Opinions and Reports.
  • Continual Legal Advisory Service (C.L.A.S.): We collaborate in the governance and administration of the Owners’ Management Boards advising our clients so that their decisions are in accordance with urban development laws, particularly with respect to their action bases and bylaws.
  • Due Diligence: Analysis and interpretation of the risks and opportunities involved in the legal situation of urban development projects, real estate investment operations, financing operations, etc.
  • Legal advisory services in urban development, civil, mortgage and fiscal matters in relation to real estate.

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